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Sorry about EE78 not making videos for a while! We are going to make it up!
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Season 3 EE78 Videos~ :D

EE78 wants to Go Green! You might think, oh sure! Everybody on T.V. does that... and they don't really mean it! But we learned how much littering, farting, and smoking, affects the earth! WE are scared of what might happen later in the future so we are trying our best to make the world a cleaner place! WE picked up garbage, found on the floor! We change our lightbulbs, and we don't fart often! (LOL, maybe) Everybody in EE78 tries hard but we need your help because as more and more people help, the cleaner and better the earth will be! So join us and help us! We'll save the earth like Superman! (In the end, Ellen screams something out loud, and it sounds like 'Boleh'! That means bug in Korean!)

Wow! EE78 has wonderful news for You! Today, we talk about Cow Poo, in our newest segment: EE78 News! You better watch this exciting event! You probably wished you were there, admiring the wonderful mountain of Cow poo, Dirt, woodchips, and other nasty things you really don't want to imagine! And boy, does it SMELL like the Zoo, you know, that stinky poo-poo smell? But Cow Poo and Dirt, and stuff that's brown, (Including Chocolate!) helps the green, so we need to go BROWN! Go Brown!

Finally! 50th Webshow! 50th Video! Wonderful Epic Show! Janice, Esther, and Ellen has a wonderful, stuffing you mouth, pig-like, eating contest! And Daniel! Who does some CRAZY, but ROFL things! But EE78 added some things to spice things up! Season 3 is finally here! (Including the Videos up front) EE78 Season 2 Videos are at:! Check it out!

EE78 makes mistakes too! Watch our funnylicious bloopers of us messing up! And we replayed the part when Esther has that bug in her hair! We have to tell you something: We love nature, but sometimes, nature attacks us! You learned a new Korean word today! 'Boleh'! Which means Bug!

EE78 Movie Trailer! (Or is it?) No its Not This is really scary... It kind of freaks Ellen out... So we recommend that if you are still in elementary school, don't watch it... (Unless you REALLY love SCARY stuff) This video is just acting so nothing is real. The Trailer is fake. The Movie is called: It's Death that Kills. Scary, isn't it? This is a special treat because its the last Scary video we are ever going to make... Cuz EE78 is all about funny, right? Not SCARY!

Ellen found a weird, random video from a long time ago in her computer and thought you guys might want to check it out, its not much though~
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Finally~!! One year of EE78!

Hey GUYS! We haven't talked to you for a WHILE~ :D Well, Halloween is coming up and we want to videotape some Halloween Stuff! So that might come out, on Halloween or a little bit after that! Also, other stuff! This video is to just get you pumped up for further episodes that will come out. Also, you see Elizabeth the 4th in this... which is kind of weird and funny because this video is supposed to be EPIC! Look at her hair, it's braided so nicely~ We give credit to Ellen because she made this nice video for you~ Heehee Ha!